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Mama's Biscuits

by Kirby Heard

Released 2019
Released 2019
Kirby's songs take listeners on a journey of life’s highs, lows, and the people who make their company along the way. Be a part of her stories as she paints pictures of life with her words and music.
  • 03:57 Story Lyrics Montgomery County

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Mama’s biscuits, and coming when you’re called
    That’s what life was like, it was simpler and all
    Beans a-simmer, roasting chicken smells good, too
    Butter churning, and a wood fire up the flu

    Living in Montgomery County,
Life was peaceful there & then
    Our doors unlocked, keys left in cars
    And knowing home’s around the bend
    I visit often in my mind’s eye
    I’m rich with mem’ries of the days gone by

    Granddad let me cross the road to find the hum
    Of that John Deere tractor plowing in the sun
    Neighbor busy, stops to wave and wipe his brow
    No time for resting, but here we say “hey” anyhow


    Sheets a-flappin’’ in everyone’s back yard
    Families gather, giving thanks for what comes hard
    Nothin’ fancy; we get by with what we have
    And mama’s spirit still overlooks our humble land


  • 04:27 Story Lyrics Meet Me at the Gate

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Will you meet me at the gate when I arrive?
    I’m sure I’ll recognize your smiling eyes
    I guess you’ve seen me all along, and how I’ve struggled to write a song
    That says I miss you & wish that you were still alive

    So is there a heaven and what’s it like? Do you think they’ll let me in?
    Is honesty still a virtue? ‘Cause I haven’t kept track of my sins
    There are no reservations for a Heavenly destination
    And my rusty halo needs some polishin’

    You bought the boat before you learned how to sail
    That was your style, and of course you did prevail
    Became the Skipper of the Fleet; missin’ church was kinda neat
    I was your First Mate every Sunday without fail

    But I’d sure like to see your mustache smile
    Share jokes I didn’t ‘get’ as a child
    Will you tell me once out loud that I sure have made you proud?
    More than forty years gone by to reconcile

    You danced at the wedding I never had
    Gave me away (in my mind) like any Dad
    I’m older now than you were then; what will it be like, seeing you again?
    Will our reunion be happy or sad?

    Are you in the Angel Choir still singing bass?  
    You served the City & the Scouts, & men in space
    I know that I was only seventeen, but to me you were just like a King
    Taught by example your humility and grace


  • 03:19 Story Lyrics With You There

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    It makes me sad to see you cry
    Your quivering lips, your red eyes
    Wish I were there in the same town
    To take away what makes you frown

    But I’m too far and you’re alone,
    Can’t hold you closer than my phone
    Nor wish the miles away, instead
    I’ll hold you in my dreams ahead

    Close your eyes, I’m with you there
    You must know how much I care
Kiss your brow, stroke your cheek
    I’ll hold you close while you’re asleep

    I hate to see him break your heart
    He has no clue how far apart
    He’s driven you, though close you were
    But not so now; that seems a blur

    Longing to restore your smile
    I’ll hold you in my mind awhile
    Your light I wish to reignite
    And see your beacon in the night


  • 02:26 Story Lyrics Slingshot

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Albea get your slingshot & sit here quietly
    We’re gonna get a rabbit 
For supper, you and me

    Pop expected all of us 
To help to run the home
    We took to squirrel huntin’, 
A skill that we could hone

    “Go find us a rock or two,” 
My brother always said
    He helped me make my slingshot 
So we could all be fed


    Woodrow showed me one day 
Just how to sit and wait
    A rabbit or a squirrel 
Soon would meet its fate

    I’m not doin’ “nothin’” 
A-leanin’ on this tree
    I’m huntin’ food for supper, 
My big brother & me


    Pinch that rock real tight 
And stretch the rubber band
    You gotta be real patient 
And hold a steady hand

    Wait real nice and quiet
    Like a statue stone
    Pop’ll be so proud of us 
When we bring supper home


  • 02:39 Story Lyrics Can't Find the Words

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Well, the songs have all been written
    The words already spoke
    The pictures all been painted
    The memories have been evoked

    You know they say there’s nothing new now
    That it’s all been done before
    No more music, art or poems
    Not much for this troubadour

    I just want to write a love song
    To let the world know how I feel
    Can’t find the words to say 
What my heart is telling me

    I’d hang the moon & the stars for you, dear,
    If they weren’t already there
    You loved me from the very start
    And then you won my heart so fair

    The way your eyes light up around me
    Makes the diamonds lose their shine
    Like they’re jealous of your glow
    The heart you’re holding there is mine

    I just want to write a love song
    To let the world know how I feel
    Can’t find the words to say what
    My heart is telling me

    Yes, I just want to write a love song
    That I can sing for you
    It may not be the first one
    But to me it’s all brand new

    It may not be the first one
    But from my heart it’s true

    (Grass Tank Music, BMI)

  • 03:05 Story Lyrics Missing You Sunday Blues

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Sittin’ on the sofa, got the missin’ you Sunday blues
    Another week is gone and I’m missing you bad, it’s true
    There ain’t a thing I can do, 
I got the missin’ you Sunday blues        

    I saw you there on Monday, and then day after that
    Then once again on Wednesday 
When you wore that gangster hat
    Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday 
We jammed out with the guys
    But now the music is over, the weekend is gone  
    And I can’t tell any lies, and I’m…


    Well, we drove on down to Doodad 
To see that awesome band
    They threw down with the best of them, 
And then you took my hand
    We danced the night away 
Like there was no one else around
    But then the sun came up, my bubble burst
    And now I’m feeling down, so I’m…


    You took me to the festival, it really was divine
    Like summer camp for grown-ups 
We had a real good time
    The pickin’ & the friends we made, 
Not to mention the homemade brew
    But now it’s time to go home and then back to work
    Something I don’t wanna do! And I’m…


  • 02:55 Story Lyrics Mama's Attic

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    I found some things in mama’s attic, 
Their stories I had not been told
    The ancient, silent family photos 
Keep secrets valued more than gold

    I see connections in their faces, 
Familiar hairline, smile or brow
    If only they could speak and tell me 
Just where they lived, & when, & how

Way up in mama’s attic, safely put away up there
    Are mem’ries of her younger days too dear to throw away or share

    Her baubles, jewelry and keepsakes 
Meant so much to her, it seems
    I wish I knew more of the history; 
There’s more to her than I have seen

    Did she love nights of ballroom dancing? 
I guess that I will never know
    Collecting treasures through the decades 
Seemed the substance of her soul


    A wedge of forty years between us she didn’t want to be alone
    Yet she became less of a mother, merely a voice on the phone

    She knew I’d researched on the family; 
Now I’ve found things they left behind
    I wonder why she never told me… 
I’m left to conjure in my mind

    I learned so many things from mama; 
At least what she chose to impart
    We share values but I’m wishing 
I knew her better from the heart


  • 02:53 Story Lyrics Day Is Done

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    I’m here in the middle, between the mountains and the sea
    The hills have been my home, now the tide is calling me

    There’s the glory in the highlands where Eagles soar above
    And the salty, sandy water beckons as a hopeless love

    If I drop it all and move away, I’ll wind up all alone
    So the answer lies within me — where I’m found when day is done

    Peaks above the tree line  reach up to touch the sky
    The gurgle of headwaters has been my lullaby

    The motion of the ocean ebbs and flows with energy
    Desires I’ve never known before are awakening in me

    I can’t be in two places, I’ll remain here like a dove
    I’ll know the mountains as my homeland and the sea, my far-off love

    So I gaze into the night sky, for I know they share this space
    I can’t move the mountains to the sea still I seek my happy place

    The stars shall navigate for me as the sailors in the past
    And gently guide my troubled heart to find my peace at last

  • 01:40 Story Lyrics Get (The Hell) off My Farm

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    I see you stalking around me
I know that you want to do harm
    My infrared shows me the places you go
Why don’t you get off of my farm

    I see you there on my camera, 
the close-up lens shows me your face
    Just what do you need? Is it meanness or greed?
    Why don’t you get out of my place!

    I see you creeping ‘round my porch at night
    My business is mine and it just isn’t right
    What do you want from me?
    Please let me be
    And get the hell off of my farm.

    I know you’re there ‘round my buildings
I have them to hide all my stuff
    Your snooping ways leaving me feeling betrayed,
    And it really is making me huff

    Why don’t you mind your own business? 
You know that we used to be friends
    You’re pushing me close to use razor wire 
And electrify my metal fence


  • 02:56 Story Lyrics Caroline

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    My home was in the Midwest flatlands; Left it there, myself to find.
    Headed east and somewhat southward, found rolling hills in Caroline

    A cowgirl roped my lonely heart there and took me to her farm
    I never knew sweet love could find me. We fell forever arm in arm
    Caroline, sweet brown eyes. Caroline, deep blue skies
    Caroline, you stole my heart. Caroline, we’ll never part

    We explored this land together; ‘cross the countryside we roamed
    Found there was no greater beauty than our Carolina home

    Many years we’ve shared together. Loving friends have come & gone
    Sweet Caroline has made our family. A truer love, there could be none


    Sandy beaches, Blue Ridge mountains, city lights and family farms
    Shades of life more than Giverny, caring souls with loving arms

    Though we’re older now, and golden, and we’re rooted to this land
    I have become a misplaced Yankee, sweet Caroline, my heart & hand


  • 02:18 Story Lyrics Reflections

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    Who do I see in my mirror? Is she the same as me?
    Grey with wrinkled outlines; my colors do I see?
    Is it there, my endless quest for truth,
    Sprinkled with light-hearted wit?
    Is my heart of gold pinned on my sleeve?
    Do I show my grit?

    I’m polishing my reflection
    No reason to make believe
    Embrace the face in my mirror  
    Finally reveal the true me

    I’ve been bruised & beaten; and loved incredibly
    Victories over struggles, they’ve written the story of me
    It seems I’ve created a cover, a kind of a social mask
    I fool some folks I know — they never even ask

    No self-denial, I know I’m true, 
No one else I’m trying to be
    Are you seeing me in the mirror? 
I’m not hiding my identity

    Swimming against the mainstream,
    Do I act as someone I’m not?
    Where’s the woman I’ve met before?
    Does she fear getting caught?
    I’m bound to admire who I am, with no uncertainty
    So I’ll see the face in my mirror as she is meant to be


  • 02:29 Story Lyrics You Don't Have to Know Jesus

    ©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

    My mama taught me lessons about love and peace and life
    She taught me through her living in good times and in strife

    Now the Pope says it’s okay if I don’t believe in God
    I guess you don’t have to know Jesus to write a gospel song

    Pope Francis said some things that give my soul a rest
    Being spiritual doesn’t mean I need religion as a nest

    It’s okay my church is nature and not just brick and stone
    I guess you don’t have to know Jesus to write a gospel song

    It’s all about brotherhood, kindness, truth and love
    The sort we find inside ourselves and not just from above

    The light of the spirit is deep inside each one
    I guess you don’t have to know Jesus to write a gospel song

    Mother Teresa showed me how to live this way
    My Presbyterian rearing didn’t hurt in any way

    I learned to love & honor others, all along
    I guess you don’t have to know Jesus to write a gospel song

    It’s all about sisterhood, kindness, truth and love
    The sort we find inside ourselves and not just from above

    The light of the spirit is deep inside each one
    I guess you don’t have to know Jesus to write a gospel song

We all have stories: recollections, memories, family traditions, hopes, dreams & desires... Be a part of Kirby’s stories as she paints pictures of life with her words and music.