Kirby's Story

Kirby Heard is a singer-songwriter who’s story has taken her from a big city in the Midwest to a sleepy southern town, and the love of her life. With a background in performing arts through Modern Dance and Technical Theatre, Kirby moved from MO to NC in 1982. A career-change decision sent her to earn another degree, in visual arts, and she honed her skills and talents as an award-winning graphic designer for over 30 years, including 15 years of freelance work.

Kirby arrived at songwriting rather late in life, and her musical career was fledged in 2012 when she co-founded Bob & Kirby’s Double H Bluegrass. The band recorded two of Kirby’s original songs on their 2016 release, Pieces of a Dream, including the song of thanks and tribute to Veterans everywhere, Not Forgotten. Now Kirby's "songs from the heart" take listeners on a journey of life’s highs & lows, and the people who make their company along the way. Kirby’s solo project, Mama’s Biscuits, released November 2019. Be a part of Kirby’s stories as she paints pictures of life with her words.