Originally written in 2015 as a poem for and inspired by Veterans involved with the Ft. Bragg Fisher House Marathon Jam, Not Forgotten is meant as a humble thank you to all who have served their Country.
Becoming a song in 2016, Not Forgotten, A Song For All Time, has been performed for in-patient Veterans at North Carolina VA Medical Centers and was recorded by Bob & Kirby’s Double H Bluegrass Band on Pieces of a Dream.
Now a video, to be shared as widely as possible, Not Forgotten, A Song For All Time can be viewed here.Thank you for your service


did anyone say “thank you”when you finally came home?were you made to feel a heroor did you feel alone?it really doesn’t matterif you were called or volunteered —the time you spend away from themresults in the same tearstoo often there are politicsand emotions with these warsthat divide the ones back home —leaving you with different scarsregardless of the conflict —was it declared or not — no difference to the sailor, soldier,airman, marine who foughtyour service to our Country,whether seven tours or one,on the front or at a home baseit all must be doneso let me take this moment,from a pacifist at heart, to thank you for your sacrifice,your health, your time apartthings I’m sure we’ll never knowabout the time you servedyou safely bury deep inside,appearing stoic and unnervednot all of us are brave enoughto leave our home behindand form a different family,a brotherhood definedso glad you came back home to uswe’re standing by your sidewe know you left some friends behind— those scars can seem to hideso to all who have served the USAin patriotic threadsthank you now for all you’ve donelet it NEVER go unsaid.