Kirby's Story

Kirby has been named a finalist in the 19th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards with her song, “(That‘s What Makes) A Bluegrass Song.” Winners will be announced 10 February 2023.

Since the November 2019 release of her first solo project, “Mama’s Biscuits”, Kirby Heard has become known for songs that take listeners on journeys through yesteryear and memories of home. Often introspective, inquisitive, and witty, these are songs with an authentic voice and perspective. Chris Spector (Midwest Record) called it ‘delightful, meaty songwriting that could only come from the heart and does a great job of opening your ears. “Mama's Biscuits" also earned an A- from Robert Christgau, “Dean of American Music Critics” and author of the online music newsletter “And It Don’t Stop”, and ranked #26 on his Dean's List 2020. 

Kirby has collected her writing of the past few years into a brand new CD, “Ripples in the Wake”, released in October 2022. These songs, like the ones from her first album, recall down-home grass-roots stories that this generation needs to hear and our generation needs to remember. Slim Chance included Ripples in the Wake in his Best of 2022: Folk & Blues [see]. Come along as Kirby shares how her path has taught her to infuse her music with insight, love and loss, and new promise.

(For more info, see Kirby's EPK.)

Photo by Chris Myers