In a somewhat eclectic collection, the melodies are always warm, non-confrontational, & touching upon many subjects & concerns with good technique... well-nurtured vocals... Wonderful music to listen to early in the morning. Comforting, reassuring & while others may sing the praises of whiskey, Ms. Heard is closer to jasmine tea, ruby red wine & hot chocolate moments.” - John Apice

Americana Highways

Kirby Heard - is being heard!

Kirby Heard has become known for songs that take listeners on journeys through yesteryear and memories of home. Introspective, inquisitive, and witty, these songs shine with her authentic voice and perspective. In 2021 Kirby released a second solo CD to the delight of listeners. These songs, like the ones from her first album, call down-home grass-roots stories that this generation needs to hear and our generation needs to remember. Kirby infuses her music with insight, love and loss, and new promise.

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