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Dean's List:2020, #26... Rough-hewn DIY singer-songwriter Kirby Heard I pulled out of my unplayed shelves blind... ” - Robert Christgau

And It Don't Stop

(Kirby) Heard sings lead and plays guitar and flute. Her songs cover her journey through life’s concerns about love, friends who have passed on, spirituality, and just plain living. Selections include “Montgomery County,” about growing up in that North Carolina region, “Meet Me At The Gate,” about meeting in the hereafter, and “Mama’s Attic,” about things one finds sorting through the collections of her mother’s life. Other songs are “With You There,” “Day Is Done,” “Slingshot,” “Reflections,” “Missing You Sunday Blues,” and “Get (The Hell) Off My Farm.” Heard has a pleasant voice and is accompanied by a skilled set of musicians in the studio. Someone looking for some new material might want to give Kirby Heard a listen. The CD also includes a nice booklet containing lyrics to her originals. ” - Bill Foster

Additional Releases, Bluegrass Unlimited

A perfect example of that kind of back porch music that captivates in a big way.  Easy rolling folkie sounding stuff with deep lyrics that really shows what happens when you open the heart to things unknown and unexpected.  Introspective without being stuff that fell out of someone’s journal, this is delightful, meaty songwriting that could only come from the heart and does a great job of opening your ears.  A winner throughout.​ ” - Chris Spector

Midwest Record

Plain even by the standards of her folk-Americana niche. So plain that if the "Butter churnin' and a wood fire up the flue" of "Montgomery County" doesn't convince you, "Slingshot" with its squirrel for dinner will. Did me, anyway‑-I felt sure this was the musical autobiography of the back cover's aggressively plain middle-aged Carolina woman with thick brown hair and a toothy smile... A MINUS” - Robert Christgau

And It Don't Stop

Singer/songwriter Kirby Heard's solo project Mama's Biscuits presents a collection of stories in song, told from the heart.” - Murphy Hicks Henry

In the Studios, Bluegrass Unlimited

Congratulations to Kirby Heard on a beautiful new CD, Mama's Biscuits. It is heartfelt, filled with life's moments and memories, and though our moments and memories may be different, she brings forth those common heart-spaces we all share. Her music is sweet, it is thoughtful and it is fun. Definitely a "must-have!” - Facebook Post
Listening to it right now! It's really sweet. Straight from the heart. Congrats, Kirby Heard!” - Facebook Post
...You have a brand.” - Louisa Branscomb
There’s some beautiful songwriting here. “Day Is Done” is a lovely piece of poetry. “Get The Hell Off My Farm” of course is right up my alley. The lyrics to “You Don’t Have To Know Jesus” are SO what Jesus truly stands for. It is brave to be this personal in an album. Congrats!” - Cathy Fink