From the recording Mama's Biscuits

Meet Me At The Gate (4:27)
We all have someone we’d like to see again, whom we most likely lost too soon. This daughter muses about her long-gone father, and their ultimate reunion.

Kirby Heard: Vocals, Guitar
Ted Ehrhard: Fiddle
Jon Shain: Guitar
FJ Ventre: Upright Bass


©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

Will you meet me at the gate when I arrive?
I’m sure I’ll recognize your smiling eyes
I guess you’ve seen me all along, and how I’ve struggled to write a song
That says I miss you & wish that you were still alive

So is there a heaven and what’s it like?
Do you think they’ll let me in?
Is honesty still a virtue?
‘Cause I haven’t kept track of my sins
There are no reservations for a Heavenly destination
And my rusty halo needs some polishin’

You bought the boat before you learned how to sail
That was your style, and of course you did prevail
Became the Skipper of the Fleet; missin’ church was kinda neat
I was your First Mate every Sunday without fail

But I’d sure like to see your mustache smile
Share jokes I didn’t ‘get’ as a child
Will you tell me once out loud that I sure have made you proud?
More than forty years gone by to reconcile

You danced at the wedding I never had
Gave me away (in my mind) like any Dad
I’m older now than you were then; what will it be like, seeing you again?
Will our reunion be happy or sad?

Are you in the Angel Choir still singing bass?  
You served the City & the Scouts, & men in space
I was only seventeen, but to me you were just like a King
Taught by example your humility and grace