From the recording Mama's Biscuits

We have fun all weekend and then it has to end... reality comes back in. The week between is hard, especially when your love is far away.

Musicians: Kirby Heard: Vocals, Guitar
Jon Shain: Electric Guitar
FJ Ventre: Upright Bass


©J Kirby Heard (BMI)


Sittin’ on the sofa, got the missin’ you Sunday blues
Another week is gone and I’m missing you bad, it’s true
There ain’t a thing I can do, 
I got the missin’ you Sunday blues        

I saw you there on Monday, and then day after that
Then once again on Wednesday 
when you wore that gangster hat
Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday 
we jammed out with the guys
But now the music is over, the weekend is gone  and I can’t tell any lies, and I’m…


Well, we drove on down to Doodad 
To see that awesome band
They threw down with the best of them, 
and then you took my hand
We danced the night away 
like there was no one else around
But then the sun came up, my bubble burst and now I’m feeling down, so I’m…


You took me to the festival, it really was divine
Like summer camp for grown-ups 
we had a real good time
The pickin’ & the friends we made, 
not to mention the homemade brew
But now it’s time to go home and then back to work, something I don’t wanna do! And I’m…