From the recording Mama's Biscuits

Montgomery County was born of stories shared with me about growing up in Montgomery County, North Carolina, and reflections on the simplicity of living in earlier times.

Musicians:Kirby Heard: Vocals, Guitar
Ted Ehrhard: Fiddle
FJ Ventre: Upright Bass
Laurelyn Dossett: Vocals


©J Kirby Heard (BMI)

Mama’s biscuits, and coming when you’re called
That’s what life was like, it was simpler and all
Beans a-simmer, roasting chicken smells good, too
Butter churning, and a wood fire up the flue


Living in Montgomery County, 

Life was peaceful there & then
Our doors unlocked, keys left in cars
And knowing home’s around the bend
I visit often in my mind’s eye
I’m rich with mem’ries of the days gone by

Granddad let me cross the road to find the hum
Of that John Deere tractor plowing in the sun
Neighbor busy, stops to wave and wipe his brow
No time for resting, but here we say “hey” anyhow


Sheets a-flappin’’ in everyone’s back yard
Families gather, giving thanks for what comes hard
Nothin’ fancy; we get by with what we have
And mama’s spirit still overlooks our humble land