1. Slingshot

From the recording Mama's Biscuits

Two boys, growing up during the Great Depression, helping to feed the family by hunting squirrels & rabbits with their slingshots.

Musicians: Kirby Heard: Vocals, Guitar Ted Ehrhard: Fiddle
Joe Newberry: Banjo
FJ Ventre: Upright Bass
Laurelyn Dossett: Vocals


©J Kirby Heard (BMI)


Albea get your slingshot & sit here quietly
We’re gonna get a rabbit 
For supper, you and me

Pop expected all of us 
to help to run the home
We took to squirrel huntin’, 
a skill that we could hone
“Go find us a rock or two,” 
My brother always said
He helped me make my slingshot 
so we could all be fed

Woodrow showed me one day 
just how to sit and wait
A rabbit or a squirrel 
soon would meet its fate
I’m not doin’ “nothin’” 
a-leanin’ on this tree
I’m huntin’ food for supper, 
my big brother & me


Pinch that rock real tight 
And stretch the rubber band
You gotta be real patient 
and hold a steady hand
Wait real nice and quiet like a statue stone
Pop’ll be so proud of us 
when we bring supper homechorus