Songwriters' Random Round

Doodad Farm, 4701 Land Rd , Greensboro, NC

For the Songwriters' Random Round, we're inviting six local songwriters to fill a three-person round. Three of them will be chosen at random to start the show, and those three will do two rounds (two sets of one song each, or a total of six songs). Then we'll use a spinner to come up with a number from 1 to 3. That will remove one performer from the round and replace them with another. This new group of three performers will then do two more rounds (now we're up to 12 songs total). It goes on like this until everyone has had a chance to perform at least two songs, and some lucky artist might get to play as many as eight songs. It's just a fun way of mixing up the show and introducing the element of chance. It also throws the performers off a little bit, since they can't plan out exactly which songs they're going to play. As usual with our events here at Doodad Farm, there is no cost for admission, since we want everyone to enjoy our shows regardless of financial constraints. We do ask that everyone donate according to their ability to do so. At the end, we'll equally distribute 100% of those donations to the six artists (no matter how many songs they played).